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Testimonials from our hearing patients:

“My only regret is I didn’t find Jodi when I set out on this road. I was silly enough to believe that providers were roughly all the same and proximity was the only variable I needed to think about.”

“I am so grateful for Jodi’s kindness and for all she did. I can hear again!”

“I do appreciate the time Jodi took with me last week to explain the results of my hearing test.  I am really happy with the soft flexible tips replacing the hard molds that my previous provider had used.  Guess I never wore them much because they weren’t comfortable and irritated my ears.  Now I never even know I have them in… I can’t feel them at all!”

“The time, attention and diligent concern that Jodi gave me is much appreciated!”

“Thank you Jodi for the help with my ears! My new hearing aids are great, and it is wonderful to be able to participate in conversations with friends again.”

“I’m very happy with my hearing aids since my last visit. Jodi did a wonderful job!”


What is the first step?

There are many factors that contribute to hearing loss, and several approaches to help the situation. Contact the hearing specialists at Florida Eye Associates at 321-727-2020 for a consultation–and hear life more clearly.

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