Hearing Center

The Hearing Center at Florida Eye Associates HEAR the difference with our state-of-the-art testing system!


The Hearing Center at Florida Eye Associates is a full-service hearing testing center and hearing aid dispensary located at 516 E. New Haven Avenue. We provide hearing tests at no charge to our patients. 


We offer innovative hearing instruments, sophisticated testing equipment and a versatile lab for cleanings and hearing aid repairs and recommendations. Our testing system, the Otogram by Tympany, performs a comprehensive series of tests including tympanometry, otoacoustic emissions, acoustic reflex, air and bone conduction, speech reception and speech discrimination. To schedule a consultation or hearing test, call 321-727-2020.


Heather is a licensed Hearing Aid Specialist at the Florida Eye Associates Hearing Center. She has been in the hearing industry more than 9 years and her experience has proven to be a vital component in the success of her patients’ hearing needs. Heather specializes in hearing testing, hearing loss and hearing health education, as well as fitting hearing aids and promoting the latest developments in digital hearing technology.

“Hearing plays an essential role in our daily lives, especially for people who are social and active. I love working with patients and seeing the positive changes when someone gets their hearing back!”

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