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A chalazion, also known as a meibomian glandlipogranuloma, is a cyst in the eyelid that is caused by inflammation of a blocked meibomian gland, usually on the upper eyelid. Chalazions differ from styes(hordeolums) in that they are more painful than styes, and in size (chalazia tend to be larger than styes). A chalazionor meibomian cyst could take months to fully heal with treatment and could take years to heal without any.

Signs and symptoms:

  • Swelling on the eyelid
  • Eyelid tenderness
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Increased tearing
  • Heaviness of the eyelid

A chalazion or meibomian cyst can sometimes be mistaken for a stye. It is common for chalazions to be mistaken for styes. If you have consistent styes that are becoming more frequent and painful then it is possible that you have a chalazion and it is recommended that you visit your doctor. A cause for this is not removing eye makeup. The oil from the makeup gathers in the glands and causes a cyst.


A large chalazion ca. 20 minutes upon excision. This bipartite chalazion was removed via two separate incisions. Further along the lower eyelid, signs of chronic inflammation (Blepharitis) are visible.The main treatment at the moment is a cream that should be applied to the inside of the lower eyelid four times a day. The duration of this treatment is set by your doctor usually for a couple of weeks.

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