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Dry Eye Syndrome

The eye uses tears to remain moist to sustain health and comfort. However, some people don’t produce enough tears to maintain healthy eyes. This condition is called dry eye syndrome.

The usual symptoms of dry eye include:

  • stinging
  • burning
  • scratchiness
  • stringy mucus
  • excessive irritation from smoke and wind
  • discomfort when wearing contact lenses
  • watering eyes

Watering eyes from dry eye may sound illogical, but tears are also the eye’s response to discomfort. If the tears responsible for maintaining lubrication do not keep the eye wet enough, the eye becomes irritated, which prompts the gland that makes tears to release a large volume of tears, overwhelming the tear drainage system. These excess tears then overflow from the eye.

An eye doctor is usually able to diagnose dry eye by examining the eyes. Tear production normally decreases as we age. Although dry eye can occur in both men and women at any age, women are most often affected, especially after menopause.

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