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General FAQ

What services does Florida Eye Associates provide?

Our practice is based on the philosophy of providing quality comprehensive vision care. Using the latest in technology, we provide: Professional Eye Care Examinations, Optical Services, Contact Lenses, Prescription eyewear fittings, and Nonprescription eyewear and sunglasses.

I need reading glasses or a bifocal. Are there bifocal contact lenses available?

Special bifocal contact lenses are available in both soft and hard lenses. Several manufacturers have recently introduced disposable bifocal contact lenses. As an alternative, your eye care professional may choose to fit you with a system called monovision whereby one eye is fit with a distant lens and the other with a reading lens.

I have astigmatism, am I a candidate for contact lenses?

Lenses that correct astigmatism are available in both soft and hard lenses and are now available in a disposable wearing schedule.

Can I play sports with my contact lenses on?

Contact lenses are a great option for vision correction when playing sports. Contact lenses are stable and do not interfere with your game.

Is it difficult to care for your contact lenses when removing them?

There are many choices available in lens cleaning and disinfecting. A popular choice is a one-bottle solution that is used to rinse, clean, disinfect and remove protein.

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