Eye Exams

Routine exams are critical to maintaining good eye health

Florida Eye Associates has friendly eye care professionals and physicians using the latest diagnostic technology to help keep your vision clear and eyes healthy. Your eye doctor will recommend eye examinations based on your specific needs. Here are some common reasons to increase the frequency of eye exams:

  • Wear glasses or contact lenses
  • Have a family history of eye disease such as AMD, glaucoma, or cataracts
  • Have a chronic disease that puts you at greater risk of eye disease, such as diabetes or hypertension
  • Take medications that may have serious eye side effects such as prednisone or plaquenil
  • Are African Americans over age 40


The following guidelines have been developed by the American Academy of Ophthalmology for individuals with no increased risk of eye disease:

Age How Often Should I Have Eye Exams?
Infants (0-2 years)
Infant Screening by a health care professional by 6 months
3 - 5 years
Evaluation for vision problems such as strabismus (cross eyes), amblyopia (lazy eye), nearsightedness, astigmatism and other conditions
Up to 19 years
Comprehensive eye examination every 1-2 years
20-29 years
At least 1 eye exam during this period
30-39 years
At least 2 eye exam during this period
40-64 years
Eye exam every 2-4 years
65+ years
Eye exam every 1-2 years

What is the first step?

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