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LASIK / Refractive

Florida Eye Associates’ physicians have been performing LASIK and other refractive procedures for many years. We have made a significant investment in our state-of-the-art laser suite, offering iLASIK — today’s most innovative laser vision correction procedure. This procedure has been used to treat more eyes than any other laser vision treatment available today. iLASIK combines the world’s most advanced vision correction techniques into one safe, and effective, method. Two advanced lasers come together in one integrated, blade-free procedure.

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Why choose iLASIK?

First, Wavefront 3-D mapping captures your personal refractive signature which, like a fingerprint, is unique to each of your eyes and provides a road map for customized correction for your iLASIK treatment. This allows ophthalmologists the ability to achieve a higher degree of precision in surgical corrections than was ever possible in the past.

Wavefront does more than just improve visual acuity. By enhancing contrast sensitivity and fine detail, this procedure proves vastly superior to more traditional LASIK options. As a result, night vision improvements are much more extensive than what was previously possible. Wavefront LASIK also offers a lower risk of post-LASIK complications. Wavefront LASIK offers you the following improvements in the quality of your vision correction surgery:

  • Greater chance of achieving 20/20 or better vision
  • Reduced chance of deterioration of your newly corrected vision
  • Reduced chance of losing visual quality or contrast sensitivity
  • Decrease in complications and night vision issues
  • Blade-Free Safety and Precision

Next, a very thin, precise flap of corneal tissue is created. This flap is folded back, and your personalized iLASIK Procedure is performed. By replacing the blade commonly used for the corneal flap with a femtosecond laser, the blade-free IntraLase has made LASIK eye surgery much safer than ever before. The IntraLase Laser delivers micron-level accuracy much greater than a blade for more accurate and consistent flap thickness – which is critical for a successful outcome.

Whether you’re considering laser vision correction to enhance your appearance, your athletic performance or your career, call us today at 321-727-2020 to schedule your complimentary LASIK evaluation. There are many refractive procedures to improve vision, from LASIK to the insertion of premium IOL’s.


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