Eyes of Excellence

In Florida’s embrace, where the sun meets the sea,
Lies a haven of care for eyes like you and me.
At Florida Eye Associates, where vision’s refined,
Expertise and compassion seamlessly combined.

Dr. Consbruck, an angel in a white coat’s grace,
Delivered tough news with a gentle face.
With words wrapped in comfort, and hope in her tone,
She made you feel seen, never alone.

Karen in Cocoa Beach, with her discerning eye,
Finds the perfect fit, she’ll never let you shy.
Frames that accentuate, lenses that clear,
She matches style with function, always sincere.

In Melbourne, Viera, and Cocoa Beach too,
The staff like family, loyal and true.
Exceptional service, with a welcoming smile,
They go the extra mile, making it all worthwhile.

So here’s to the team, with hearts full of care,
For every patient, they’re always there.
Florida Eye Associates, a place to trust,
Where expertise meets kindness, and service is just.

– Lawrence 

Thank you Dr Parihar and your wonderful staff for a very pleasant experience having
My eye cataract surgery completed.
I will highly recommend your office
Thank you!
Margaret B.

“I was referred to Dr. Hershberger at Florida Eye Associates & Health First Medical by my O.D. after he discovered and diagnosed a significant retinal tear in my left eye one late afternoon that met the criteria of an Eye Medical Emergency. As such, Dr. Hershberger and her staff took me immediately working me in at 8 AM the next day (on a Friday) where Dr. Hershberger performed what I consider to be a Next Level Solution Repair Laser Surgery. I found Dr. Hershberger to be highly professional, pleasant, informative, and extremely detail-oriented, with a focused successful outcome approach….Everything one would want in an Eye Surgeon. She is clearly an expert in her field of medicine from whom anyone would be fortunate to experience treatment. Congratulations and thank you to Florida Eye Associates and Health First Medical for having excellent physicians like Dr. Hershberger on their respective Teams.” – Jim

I would like to express my experiences on 03/02/2022-03/23/2022 by Dr. Rohit Parihar, MD, performed my eye surgery in the utmost matter that should be a high credit in his profession. As his client I enjoyed watching in the surgery what was performed in a highly professional matter. He is a great doctor.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Dr. Weiser and the staff of Florida Eye Associates for the great care I received recently. I was very impressed with the seamless timing, appointments, surgery, post op and how great I feel right now. I can’t tell you how deeply appreciative I am of everyone who looked after me. And Thank you Dr. Weiser for the surgery and the phone call the evening of each surgery. That was a great surprise and I am very thankful.

“Thank you for a successful cataract removal of both my eyes. Having Parkinson’s for a long time has made me very anxious. Dr. Weiser and his staff relaxed me. You have a great staff. Thanks again!”
“Being new and naive concerning medical and insurance processes and procedures, I found my experiences for both of my visits to Melbourne Florida Eye Associates to be superior from beginning to end. I have had numerous medical appointments in the past two years and FEA has my highest rating. For example, your insurance associate Mary, at the NW corner office, took initiative during my initial visit with a pleasant efficiency that set me at ease.”

“Everyone we talked to, everyone we worked with, were so kind and sweet to my special needs son!”

“I can highly recommend Alexis and FLORIDA EYE ASSOCIATES OPTICAL for proper fit and exceptional service.”
“I can tell a difference. Add the information on the Lipiflow pamphlet to your website so more people can find out about the treatment. It works.”
“I’m an established patient, but was seeing a different doctor for a faster evaluation for a condition that came on suddenly. Dr. Haft and his staff were very interested in providing excellent service and took time to explain my condition without feeling rushed. I would recommend him to others.”

“I want to take a moment to express my appreciation in the tremendous physicians and staff that collectively brought about a solution to my very aggravating vision situation. ”

“I saw Dr. Brown a couple of months ago for a routine checkup and mentioned to him a couple of issues I was having with my eyes. He recommended that I get my carotid arteries checked. I did, and the results were pretty depressing. As it turns out, my right coratid is 90% occluded and I’m pretty much a stroke waiting to happen. I’ll be having corrective surgery ASAP. Thanks again for all the excellent service.”

“I can’t imagine not doing Lipiflow. I am so glad I learned about this treatment option.”

“Dr. Ross performed my first eye surgery five years ago, following a car accident. My face was damaged severely. Some of the surgeries he has done include a skin graft around my eye area, correcting my broken tear duct system, and cosmetic corrections around my eye. I trust him completely. I travel 12 hours round trip just to see him because I trust him that much. He is as skilled as he is kind. If you are looking for someone who you can trust, he is the one. He is the kind of surgeon who I believe went into the surgical field simply because he wants to help people. He is truly exceptional!”

“The Florida Eye Associates team that attended to me during my 6 June 2018 appointment at the Viera facility was fantastic; first rate patient service and care with professional excellence. My check-in was timely, the pre-exam review was thorough and pleasant, and the exam was nothing short of professional and reassuring; all conducted by the best of the best in their profession. I especially want to pass along my grateful appreciation to the following for their support of a very pleasant and successful visit, and for their role in an extremely proficient and professional medical organization: Doctor Hershberger and associates Jamie, Lori, Chrissy, Jessica and Raymond. Thank you all so much and WELL DONE!!!”

“After Lipiflow, my eyes feel light, like silk, much more comfortable.”

“Paylor exams and surgeries were very successful. I am now seeing, without glasses, as well or better than I have with glasses in over 6 years. Dr. Paylor is very efficient, professional, friendly and makes you feel at ease. He explained in detail what to expect during and after both surgeries. Thank You Dr. Paylor!”

“Absolutely wonderful! He’s incredibly down to earth and is great at explaining everything.”

“After Lipiflow, the sandy feeling is gone; my eyes feel so much better.”

“Appointments are easy to get, and they have offices in a few different places – they can usually squeeze you in somewhere.”

“Very pleased with Dr. Hershberger and her staff”

“Surgery center was efficient. Everyone was great to deal with, they explained everything as they went. Surgery was quick and the outcome was great.”

“I now have my new glasses and can see better than I have in years. Thank you for the very successful cataract surgery. You and your staff are certainly highly competent, caring professionals. “Thank You” seems very inadequate in expressing my gratitude.”

“The physician, Dr. Parihar, was VERY professional, personable, thorough, and spoke to me at the level of my understanding. He did not “dumb it down” or act condescending, nor did he speak above my level of understanding. His educational background is top notch and he has experience treating eye complications from autoimmune diseases. I had many questions and he answered each one with patience and thoroughness.”

“The results were worth it, my eyes feel totally different.”

“I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my recent LASIK procedure done by Dr. Haft. I came into this process with some apprehension because I am in my 50’s so I wasn’t sure it was even recommended. I wanted to give it a try though so I went in for the consult. Dr. Haft was very clear, professional, informative and he was confident that I would be a good candidate. He explained everything in advance so there were no surprises and I had, as a result, very little in the way of anxiety. His staff at Florida Eye Associates was fantastic- professional and efficient. After a lifetime of terrible vision, buying glasses, buying contacts and solution for years, I thought it might also be a good investment as well. The procedure went even better than I expected and being able to see so well is wonderful. I am so glad I did it and heartily recommend Dr. Haft and his team because they do a great job.”

“I would like to express my sincere and deep gratitude for such a wonderful experience I had with Dr. Haft from Florida Eye Associates. My vision correction surgery went so smooth and painless, I was not expecting it to be that simple. After much time and attention provided to me from Dr. Haft and his very talented team, I was made to feel at ease about the surgery. I had all my questions addressed and there were no surprises post-op, as a result of the time they spent with me. I was very apprehensive about this surgery as it is my vision at stake and can’t afford to have it compromised. I feel Dr. Haft and Florida Eye Associates have provided such excellent service and care, that I’ve told all my friends to only consider surgery with them.”

“Very pleased with Dr. Hershberger and her staff.”

“Dr. Paylor exams and surgeries were very successful, and I am now seeing without glasses, as well or better than I have with glasses in over 6yrs. Dr. Paylor is very efficient, professional, friendly and makes you feel at ease. He explained in detail what to expect during and after both surgeries . Thank You Dr. Paylor!”

“The Doctor was professional and took his time, and answered all my questions. The office workers were nice.”

“I have been going to this office for various eye problems for several years and have always found it to be organized and efficient and responsive to my needs. Every doctor I have been treated by has been knowledgeable and answers all of my questions.”

“I had a very positive experience with my PRK Consultation. I had LASIK back in 1999 and obviously that’s no longer an option. The staff was kind and professional. Dr. Haft was extremely knowledgeable and came up with an excellent solution to treat my dominant eye for distance vision with PRK and leaving the other eye alone. He recommended that I wear a single contact in my dominant eye for three days to see how I would adapt to the change. I adapted rather quickly and feel this is a great solution to my situation.”

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