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Cutting Edge Technology Arrives at Florida Eye

Optos MapNow it’s possible to get high quality digital images of the retina (back of the eye), without the hassle of being dilated.

Douglas Anderson founded Optos in 1992 after his 5-year-old son went blind in one eye due to a detached retina that was detected too late. Although his son had had regular checkups, the discomfort of having his pupils dilated prevented the doctor from conducting thorough exams. Eight years later, Optos launched a laser ophthalmoscope in Great Britain and the U.S., followed by Canada and Germany.

Optos Map 3DThe Optos works with laser scanning technology.  No bright flashes of light needed. The result is a high-resolution, panoramic picture that allows the doctor to see a larger area of the eye with ease.  These pictures would not have been obtainable with standard photography methods.  The test is quick (actual scan time is a quarter of a second), is covered by most insurances and is very helpful in managing patients with Diabetes, high blood pressure and many other retinal diseases.

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